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A dynamic pore-network model for two-phase flow in porous media that can simulate both transient and steady-state flow in different tyes of network geometries.

Phys. Rev. Research 2, 043108 (2020)
Front. Phys, to appear 2020, ArXiv:1907.12842
Front. Phys. 7, 65 (2019)
Transp. Porous. Med. 125, 565 (2018)

Phase transition between localized and non-localized failure during fracture growth can be first or second order depending on the type of the system disorder.


Fracture in Disordered Systems

Disorder plays a key role in making a stable materials, as we know about concrete, fiberglass or carbonfiber composites.

Multiphase Flow in Porous Media

Multiphase flow means the flow of multiple fluids through the same space, they may be water, oil or air. Such flow shows very different characteristics than the flow of a single fluid. Inside a porous medium, it is even more complex and often shows non-linearities.

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Flow of two immiscible fluids in porous media at high capillary number can described in terms of an effective viscosity with an exponent α, similar to an electrical network.

A set of equations relating the seepage velocities of the fluid components in immiscible and incompressible two-phase flow in porous media was derived based on thermodynamic considerations.